Sara Kahn Goes Green – Buying and Recycling Green Gadgets

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 21, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Green gadget-buyer Sara Kahn from believes that all one needs to support the environment in a sustainable way is to use as little energy as possible. She also adds that energy consumption from old technology makes your whole house more vulnerable to wear and tear, and can lead to future structural damage.

“The Greenest Gadget You May Already Own” reads the headline in her latest article. However, she says it’s not the more modern gadgets that have the most effect on the environment, but “old-fashioned devices.”

It’s not always easy to replace the electronics we have at home. Sara says that what sets “the Greenest Gadget You May Already Own” apart from other similar articles is its way of making environmentalism fun and easy.

“We create problems when we discard obsolete electronics,” Sara said. “We’re not doing our communities any favors by using outdated devices that end up as useless scraps instead of replacing them with the most energy-efficient ones. If we did just that, we would be further reducing our carbon footprint in the long run, and cutting down on our energy use, too.”

Sara notes that having a “green gadget” is not just the same as using an eco-friendly gadget. However, her new post contains a complete guide for how to purchase and use the most green gadget you can.

“Buying the best gadget is not as straightforward as not buying the other ones,” Sara said. “In our ever-connected world, consumers need an eco-friendly method to keep up with the latest gadgets, as well as their smart home technology.”

Green gadget-buyer Sara Kahn is an environmental lawyer. She came across the occasional gadget “buzz” about a year ago and decided to investigate. Based on her research and findings, Sara’s blog makes it easy for every woman to own a “green gadget” — wherever she is in the world. This happens with step-by-step advice about what makes an eco-friendly gadget and how to use it in her or his daily life.

“I wanted to put together a complete guide to find the best gadget that is completely green, regardless of whether you live in a studio or a suburban home,” Sara explained. “I’m proud to show how common it is to have a green gadget and to give a personal introduction to one of the thousands of different models available today.”

About dangLife:, a new site specializing in buying and selling green gadgets, helps eco-minded individuals and families save money and avoid wasteful waste in the home. Sustainability has always been very important to Sara, and she is taking environmentally-friendly technology mainstream, making it appealing to the general consumer.

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