Young Boy Shot, Killed at Yolo County Football Game

YOLO COUNTY, California (CN) – A 10-year-old boy died Tuesday, nearly a week after being shot at a high school football game in Oceano, Calif.

Deshon Brown, who turned 10 on the same day he was shot, played football at Dunsmore Union High School in Yolo County, an area between Fresno and Sacramento.

But his mother, Lisa Mackay, said the crowd took the violent game too far when a dispute turned from a yell about a rival team to gunfire, sending her son to the hospital.

Brown was struck in the neck by a bullet from a pistol fired in the air during the game that pitted a rival football team from an “A” league against another from a “B” league.

Witnesses told the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office that the boy had argued with a group of people, some of whom were children, just before he was shot. A fight followed, with the group moving closer to the football field, the sheriff’s office said.

A responding deputy saw a group of about 15 people with their arms drawn and drawn in the direction of the football field after receiving a call about the shooting. The deputy heard seven or eight shots fired and then saw some of the people running away from the scene.

As Brown was receiving emergency care in the hospital, family and friends expressed their outrage about how his shooting had taken place.

“They grabbed my son and threw him on the field,” mother Mackay said during a Sept. 26 press conference at Yolo County Sheriff’s Department.

The sheriff’s office said it is investigating the shooting and waiting for the outcome of an autopsy as evidence develops. The 10-year-old’s family has claimed the gun used was given to Brown’s friend by the group of assailants.

Mackay told Fox40: “They took my son away from me because they had a gun.”

Brown died at a children’s hospital in Sacramento on Tuesday night.

“He was killed over a play at a football game. A playing,” a friend who was there at the time of the shooting wrote on Instagram after learning Brown died.

About 90 people attended a candlelight vigil for Brown at Dunsmore Union High School. His mother delivered a message of forgiveness for his alleged assailants.

“I forgive them,” Mackay said. “My son gave his all to be here. Don’t ever ever try to take that from us. Never ever.”

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